Our Company

PAN Kinetics Sdn. Bhd. is established by a group of experience professionals and engineers in the industry in providing a Total Facility Solution for Customers’ Mission-Critical Environment.

The mission for PAN Kinetics Sdn. Bhd. is to be a Focused Solution Provider to support customers’ mission-critical facility thatEnhances Customers’ Business Continuity and Mission-Critical Operations. The company strengths derived from their technical know-how in implementing innovative technologies and excellent customer care.

Mission-critical facilities are namely data centres, telecommunication switching centres, factory processing control rooms etc. that facilitate customers’ business continuity and mission-critical operations. Any interruption to these operations will cause severe losses to the users, hence, mission-critical facilities MUST be enhanced by a supporting system that ensure high availability of operation. PAN Kinetics Sdn. Bhd. provides customer throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

PAN Kinetics Sdn. Bhd. provides outstanding factory trained service engineers in attending to customers’ pre- and post sales applications, service and maintenance 24 x 7 x 365. An optional comprehensive remote monitoring system allows pre-alert for possible system distributions, hence, prevent major breakdown and increase uptime.

Why PAN Kinetics ?

  • PAN Kinetics is established by a team of professionals and engineers with more than 18 years of experience in the UPS and Precision Air Cond Solution Design and Application.
  • With assistance from Dunham Bush and GE, PAN Kinetics has developed the capability to provide and offer Total Solutions for Mission Critical Industry.
  • Our applications expertise, LV/HT Chargeman, UPS and Aircond engineer allow us to tailor comprehensive power protection solutions, electrical setup and precision cooling solution for mission critical facilities users.
  • Optional Comprehensive Remote Monitoring System allows pre-alert for possible operational disturbance, hence, prevent major break down and increase uptime.
  • Full spare parts for back-up support from Dunham Bush Factory (Malaysia) & GE regional office (Singapore) for Precision Air Cond and UPS Systems.
  • 2 Hours respond time from PAN Kinetics upon emergency call request from customers.
  • Factory trained service engineers (Precision Air Conditioning & UPS System) standby for 24 x 7 x 365 support.