Providing a total facility solution for customers mission-critical environmental

The world today has entered into a knowledge economy which is technology-led. Any downtime or disruption to such services will have significant impact on productivity and profits. The increasing demand on zero failure and minimum downtime has made it imperative for any forward-looking business to ensure that the systems and equipment employed are comprehensively designed and supported.

When it comes to critical facilities, there can be no compromise. There is a need to address aging systems, technological obsolescence, frequent breakdowns, speed of delivery, reliability and efficiency, as well as guard against potential disruption to power supply. In a rapidly changing technology and needs environment, businesses cannot afford a "trial and error" approach to selecting and designing their critical system because of the high capital expenditure involved and the consequences.

For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that the right people and expertise are on hand to provide the right advice and solutions. In this demanding environment, it is not enough to source suppliers that just offer state of the art systems and equipment. It is necessary for there to be an understanding of the business-user's environment in order to match and design a system that provides the best fit to an organization.

PAN Kinetics Sdn. Bhd. is established by a group of experience professionals and engineers in the industry in providing a Total Facility Solution for Customers’ Mission-Critical Environment.